Indonesia customer place order for 6 t/h bitumen decanter
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Indonesia customer place order for 6 t/h bitumen decanter
Release Time:2023-07-13
On April 8, 2022, the customer from Indonesia found our company through our location agent in Jakarta, they wanted to place an order for 6 t/h bitumen decanter equipment.

The customer said that their local counterparts are also using our equipment, and the overall operation of the bitumen decanter equipment is good, so the customer is very assured of the quality of our equipment. After communicating the details of equipment and accessories, the customer quickly decided to place the order. finally the customer purchased 6t/h asphalt melter equipment.
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Bitumen decanters are processed by melting to extract solid bitumen, usually from drums, bags and wooden boxes. The liquid bitumen will then be used in asphalt mixing plants and other industrial uses. The bitumen melting machine is perfectly designed, safe and reliable, and easy to operate. Low energy consumption and environmental pollution make it the first choice for asphalt melting equipment.

We always believe in giving the best to customers so that they can stay ahead of their competition. Pre testing of all the plants is done to ensure that anything that leaves our factory is ready to perform with less hassle at the site.