Indonesia's 10t/h bagged bitumen melting equipment is being shipped
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Indonesia's 10t/h bagged bitumen melting equipment is being shipped
Release Time:2024-07-01
The Indonesian customer ordered this set of 10t/h bagged bitumen melting equipment from our company on May 15. After 45 days of intense production, the equipment has been completed and accepted, and the customer's final payment has been received. The equipment will be shipped to the port of the customer's country soon.
This set of 10t/h bagged bitumen melter equipment was customized and designed according to actual needs. In order to meet the unique needs of all customers, we fully communicated with customers during the production process, and the customers were very satisfied with the overall production structure of the equipment.
Bag bitumen melter plant is one of our company's flagship products and is widely recognized in countries around the world, especially in Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, Africa and other regions, and is favored and praised by users. The asphalt debagging equipment is a product specially designed for melting and heating lump asphalt packaged in woven bags or wooden boxes. It can melt lump asphalt of various sizes 
Bag bitumen melter plant uses thermal oil as a carrier to heat, melt, and heat up the asphalt blocks through the heating coil.