About the correct daily use of asphalt mixing equipment
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About the correct daily use of asphalt mixing equipment
Release Time:2024-04-03
In asphalt pavement construction, asphalt mixing equipment is one of the most critical equipment. Ensuring the normal production of the equipment can improve the quality of the project and generate more economic benefits. Therefore, whether the asphalt mixing equipment can be used correctly can determine the benefits of the enterprise and the construction efficiency of the project. This article will combine theory and practice to discuss the correct use of asphalt mixing equipment, aiming to improve project quality and ensure the economic benefits of the enterprise.
[1]Explain the requirements for the use of asphalt mixing equipment
1.1 System composition of asphalt mixing plant
The system of asphalt mixing equipment is mainly composed of two parts: upper computer and lower computer. The components of the host computer include a host computer, an LCD monitor, a set of Advantech industrial computers, a keyboard, a mouse, a printer and a running dog. The component of the lower computer is a set of PLC. The specific configuration should be carried out according to the drawings. The CPU314 prompts as follows:
DC5V light: Red or off means the power supply is faulty, green means the trimmer is normal.
SF light: There is no indication under normal circumstances, and it is red when there is a fault in the system hardware.
FRCE: The system is in use.
STOP light: When it is off, it indicates normal operation. When the CPU is no longer running, it is red.
1.2 Calibration of scales
The weight of the mixing station has a direct relationship with the accuracy of each scale. According to the standard requirements of my country's transportation industry, standard weights must be used when calibrating the scale. At the same time, the total weight of the weights should be more than 50% of the measuring range of each scale. The rated measuring range of the asphalt mixing equipment stone scale should be 4500 kilograms. When calibrating the scale, the GM8802D weight transmitter should be calibrated first, and then calibrated by the microcomputer.
About the correct use of daily asphalt mixing equipment_1About the correct use of daily asphalt mixing equipment_2
1.3 Adjust the forward and reverse rotation of the motor
Before adjustment, lubricating oil should be filled strictly in accordance with the mechanical regulations. At the same time, a mechanical engineer should be present to cooperate when adjusting each screw and the forward and reverse rotation of the motor.
1.4 The correct sequence for starting the motor
First, the damper of the induced draft fan should be closed, and the induced draft fan should be started. After the star-to-corner conversion is completed, mix the cylinder, start the air pump, and start the dust removal air pump and the bag Roots blower in sequence.
1.5 The correct sequence of ignition and cold feed
When operating, be sure to strictly follow the specific instructions of the burner. It should be noted that the damper of the induced draft fan must be closed before lighting the fire. This is to prevent the sprayed fuel from covering the bag of the dust collector, thus causing the dust removal capacity of the steam boiler specifications to be reduced or lost. The cold material should be added immediately after the fire is lit when the exhaust gas temperature reaches above 90 degrees.
1.6 Control the position of the car
The control part of the trolley is composed of Siemens frequency converter, material receiving position proximity switch, FM350 and photoelectric encoder. The starting pressure of the car should be between 0.5 and 0.8MPa.
Be sure to pay attention to some issues during operation: the frequency converter controls the lifting of the trolley motor. Regardless of the lifting or lowering of the trolley, just press the corresponding button and release it after the trolley is running; it is prohibited to put two cylinders of material into one trolley; if there is no With the consent of the manufacturer, the parameters of the inverter cannot be modified at will. If the inverter alarms, just press the reset button of the inverter to reset it.
1.7 Alarm and emergency stop
The system of the asphalt mixing equipment will automatically alarm in the following situations: stone powder scale overload, stone scale overload, asphalt scale overload, stone powder scale discharging speed too slow, stone scale discharging speed too slow, asphalt scale discharging speed too slow, turnout Failure, car failure, motor failure, etc. After an alarm occurs, be sure to strictly follow the prompts on the window.
The system emergency stop button is a red mushroom-shaped button. If an emergency occurs on the car or motor, just press this button to stop the operation of all equipment in the system.
1.8 Data management
The data must first be printed in real time, and secondly, attention must be paid to querying and retaining the cumulative production data.
1.9 Control room hygiene
The control room must be kept clean every day, because too much dust will affect the stability of the microcomputer, which may prevent the microcomputer from working properly.

[2]. How to operate asphalt mixing equipment safely
2.1 Issues that should be paid attention to during the preparation stage
, check whether there are mud and stones in the silo, and remove any foreign matter on the horizontal belt conveyor. Second, carefully check whether the belt conveyor is too loose or off-track. If so, adjust it in time. Third, double-check that all scales are sensitive and accurate. Fourth, check the oil quality and oil level of the reducer oil tank. If it is not enough, add it in time. If the oil deteriorates, it must be replaced in time. Fifth, operators and full-time electricians should check appliances and power supplies to ensure they are functioning properly. , if electrical components need to be replaced or motor wiring needs to be done, a full-time electrician or technician must do it.
2.2 Issues that should be paid attention to during operation
First of all, after the equipment is started, the operation of the equipment must be carefully checked to ensure that it is normal. The correctness of each rotation direction must also be carefully checked. Second, each component must be closely monitored when working to see if it is normal. Pay special attention to the stability of the voltage. If an abnormality is discovered, shut down immediately. Third, closely monitor various instruments and promptly handle and adjust abnormal situations. Fourth, maintenance, maintenance, tightening, lubrication, etc. cannot be performed on the machinery while it is in operation. The lid should be closed before starting the mixer. Fifth, when the equipment shuts down due to abnormality, the asphalt concrete in it must be cleaned immediately, and it is prohibited to start the mixer with load. Sixth, after an electrical appliance trips, you must first find out the cause and then close it after the fault is eliminated. Forcible closing is not allowed. Seventh, electricians must be provided with adequate lighting when working at night. Eighth, testers, operators and auxiliary personnel must cooperate with each other to ensure that the equipment can work normally and the asphalt concrete produced meets the needs of the project.
2.3 Issues that should be paid attention to after the operation
After the operation is completed, the site and machinery should first be thoroughly cleaned, and the asphalt concrete stored in the mixer must be cleaned. Secondly, bleed the air compressor. , to maintain the equipment, add some lubricating oil to each lubrication point, and apply oil to the areas that need protection to prevent rust.

[3]. Strengthen personnel and management training related to products and services
(1) Improve the overall quality of marketing personnel. Attract more and more talents to sell products. The asphalt mixing equipment market increasingly requires reliable reputation, good service and excellent quality.
(2) Strengthen training for operating personnel. Training operators can make them more proficient in operating the system. When errors occur in the system, they should be able to make adjustments on their own. It is necessary to strengthen the daily calibration of each weighing system to make the weighing results more accurate.
(3) Strengthen the cultivation of on-site dispatching. On-site scheduling can represent its image in the construction site mixing station. Therefore, it is necessary to have professional knowledge to deal with problems existing in the mixing process. At the same time, interpersonal skills are very important, so that we can deal with customers well. Problems in communication.
(4) Product quality services should be strengthened. Establish a dedicated service team for product quality, first of all, quality control the entire production process, and at the same time, follow up on the care, maintenance and use of the mixing equipment by the construction unit.

[4] Conclusion 
In today's era, asphalt mixing equipment is experiencing fierce and cruel competition. The quality of asphalt mixing equipment has a direct impact on the construction quality of the project. Therefore, it can also affect the economic benefits of the enterprise. Therefore, the construction party must use asphalt mixing equipment correctly and complete the maintenance, repair and inspection of the equipment as an important task.
In summary, scientifically setting the production coefficient and using asphalt mixing equipment correctly can not only improve production efficiency, shorten the construction period, but also extend the service life of the equipment to a great extent. This can better ensure the construction quality of the project and ensure the economic benefits of the enterprise.