Summary of five major precautions during slurry sealing construction
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Summary of five major precautions during slurry sealing construction
Release Time:2024-04-07
Slurry sealing is a highlight technology in road maintenance. It can not only fill and waterproof, but also be anti-slip, wear-resistant and wear-resistant. So with such an excellent slurry sealing construction technology, what are the precautions that need to be paid attention to during the construction process?
The slurry seal uses appropriately graded stone chips or sand, fillers, emulsified asphalt, water, and external admixtures to form a flowing asphalt mixture mixed in a certain proportion. The asphalt seal is evenly spread on the road surface to form an asphalt seal layer.
Summary of five major precautions during slurry sealing construction_1Summary of five major precautions during slurry sealing construction_2
Five important things to note:
1. Temperature: When the construction temperature is lower than 10℃, emulsified asphalt construction shall not be carried out. Keeping the construction above 10℃ is conducive to the demulsification of asphalt liquid and the evaporation of water;
2. Weather: Emulsified asphalt construction shall not be carried out on windy or rainy days. Emulsified asphalt construction shall be carried out only when the ground surface is dry and water-free;
3. Materials Each batch of emulsified asphalt must have an analysis report when it comes out of the pot to ensure that the content of the matrix asphalt used in the mixing equipment is basically consistent;
4. Paving: When paving the slurry seal layer, the width of the road surface should be evenly divided into several paving lanes. The width of the paving slabs should be kept roughly equal to the width of the strips, so that the entire road surface can be paved mechanically and manual filling of gaps reduced. At the same time, during the paving process, manual labor should be used to remove excess material from the joints and supplement individual missing parts to make the joints smooth and smooth;
5. Damage: If the slurry seal is damaged during opening to traffic, manual repair should be carried out and the slurry seal should be replaced.
Slurry sealing is a road maintenance technology with good performance, but in order to ensure the quality of the road, we still need to pay more attention to the things that may be overlooked during construction. What do you think?