What are the methods for controlling dust hazards in asphalt mixing equipment?
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What are the methods for controlling dust hazards in asphalt mixing equipment?
Release Time:2023-09-27
Asphalt mixing equipment plays a very important role in the road construction industry. The equipment will produce waste gas, dust and other public hazards during the production process. In order to ensure that the environment is not affected, manufacturers need to take relevant measures to control these hazards. The next part of this article is about asphalt A brief introduction to the methods of controlling dust hazards in asphalt plants is given.

During the use of asphalt mixing equipment, a large amount of dust pollution will be generated. In order to reduce the amount of dust generation, we can first start with the improvement of asphalt mixing plant. Through the improvement of the overall machine design, we can optimize the design accuracy of each sealing part of the machinery and make it as possible as possible. The equipment is fully sealed during the mixing process, so that dust can be controlled within the mixing equipment. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the details of optimizing the operation within the equipment and pay attention to the control of dust spillage in every link.
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Wind dust removal is also one of the methods to control dust hazards in asphalt mixing equipment. This method is a relatively old-fashioned method, which mainly uses a cyclone dust collector to carry out dust removal operations. However, this old-fashioned dust collector can only remove relatively small amounts of dust. Large particles of dust, so it cannot fully meet the dust processing requirements. But now society has also made continuous improvements to wind dust collectors. Multiple sets of cyclone dust collectors of different sizes are used in combination to complete the dust treatment of particles of various sizes.

In addition to the above two dust control methods, asphalt mixing plants can also adopt wet dust removal and bag dust removal. Wet dust removal has a relatively high degree of dust treatment and can remove dust that appears during the mixing process. However, because water is used as the raw material for dust removal, it will cause water pollution. Bag dust removal is a more suitable dust removal method in asphalt mixing plant. It is a rod dust removal mode and is suitable for the treatment of dust with small particles.