What is the function of the plug valve in the asphalt mixing plant?
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What is the function of the plug valve in the asphalt mixing plant?
Release Time:2023-09-28
Asphalt mixing station is an important complete set of equipment in people's lives. The equipment has many components, such as grading machine, vibrating screen, belt feeder, powder conveyor, elevator and other parts. Plug valve is also one of them. So what is the specific role of plug valve in asphalt mixing plant? This article will give a brief introduction next.

The plug valve is first of all a closure or plunger-shaped rotary valve. Generally, it needs to be rotated ninety degrees to make the channel port on the valve plug the same as the valve body, or it can be divided to open or close. effect. The shape of the plug valve in an asphalt mixing plant is generally a cylinder or a cone.
the plug valve function asphalt mixing plant_1the plug valve function asphalt mixing plant_2
If the user sees a rectangular channel in an asphalt mixing plant, it is usually in a cylindrical valve plug. If it is a trapezoidal channel, it is a tapered valve plug. For the plug valve, the different structures are all to make the structure light. The main function is to block or connect the medium. The other usage is to divert the flow.

Plug valves are quick and easy to operate in asphalt mixing plants, so frequent operations will not cause problems. Plug valves also have other characteristics, such as small fluid resistance, simple structure, easy maintenance, good sealing performance and no oscillation. Low noise and other advantages. The use of plug valves in asphalt mixing plants has no directional constraints at all, so it is very clever to use in the equipment.