Why asphalt mixing equipment must operate in accordance with regulations
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Why asphalt mixing equipment must operate in accordance with regulations
Release Time:2023-09-27
The process flow of the asphalt mixing plant should be familiar to everyone. The editor of large mixers thinks that the productivity of asphalt mixing equipment is determined by the mixing cylinder capacity and working cycle. The working cycle refers to the time difference from the mixing tank discharging to the next discharging time. The asphalt mixing equipment is integrally designed with intermittent drying drums and mixing drums to reduce investment costs for customers.

Asphalt mixing equipment is a factory-style complete set of equipment that mixes dry and heated aggregates of different particle sizes, fillers and asphalt according to the designed mix ratio at a specified temperature into a uniform mixture. It is widely used in highways, urban roads, airports, Applied in the construction of docks, parking lots and other projects, asphalt mixing equipment is an important and key equipment for asphalt pavement. Its performance directly affects the quality of asphalt pavement.
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Generally, asphalt concrete mixing equipment has two types: intermittent type and connected type. The connected type has simple process operation and simplified equipment. As for the intermittent asphalt mixing equipment, due to the secondary screening of aggregates, various components are measured in batches, and the aggregates are forced to be mixed and mixed, it can ensure the gradation of materials, and the metering of powder and asphalt can also reach a very high level. With high precision, the mixed asphalt mixture is of good quality and can meet the needs of various constructions.

The equipment is based on the environmental protection concept of European standards, providing customers with the guarantee that the equipment fully meets standards in terms of dust emission, acidic substance emission and noise control.