What are the advantages of slurry sealing technology?
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What are the advantages of slurry sealing technology?
Release Time:2023-12-12
At present, most roads are paved with asphalt, which has many advantages and is more advantageous than cement roads. Therefore, many special vehicles for paving asphalt have been derived to assist in the paving and maintenance of roads. The emulsified asphalt slurry sealing technology is one of the asphalt road technologies, and the slurry sealing truck responsible for the specific construction greatly reduces the difficulty of implementing this technology.
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The emulsified asphalt slurry sealing truck is a special equipment for slurry sealing construction. It blends and mixes several raw materials such as appropriately graded mineral materials, fillers, asphalt emulsion and water according to a certain designed ratio to make A machine that forms a uniform slurry mixture and spreads it on the road according to the required thickness and width. The working process is completed by continuously batching, mixing and paving while the sealing vehicle is traveling. Its characteristic is that it is mixed and paved on the road surface at normal temperature. Therefore, it can greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers, speed up the construction progress, save resources and save energy.
Advantages of slurry sealing technology: Emulsified asphalt slurry sealing layer is a slurry mixture made of appropriately graded mineral materials, emulsified asphalt, water, fillers, etc., mixed in a certain proportion. According to the specified thickness (3-10mm ) is evenly spread on the road surface to form a thin layer of asphalt surface treatment. After demulsification, initial setting, and solidification, the appearance and function are similar to the top layer of fine-grained asphalt concrete. It has the advantages of convenient and quick construction, low project cost, and municipal Road construction does not affect drainage, and bridge deck construction has minimal weight increase.
The functions of slurry sealing layer are:
l. Waterproof: The slurry mixture adheres firmly to the road surface to form a dense surface layer, which prevents rain and snow from penetrating into the base layer.
2. Anti-skid: The paving thickness is thin, and the coarse aggregate is evenly distributed on the surface to form a good rough surface, which improves the anti-skid performance.
3. Wear resistance: Modified slurry seal/micro-surfacing construction greatly improves the adhesion between emulsion and stone, anti-flaking, high-temperature stability, and low-temperature shrinkage cracking resistance, extending the service life of the pavement. .
4. Filling: After mixing, the mixture will be in a slurry state with good fluidity, which plays a certain role in filling cracks and leveling the road surface.