Asphalt spreader truck operating points
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Asphalt spreader truck operating points
Release Time:2023-12-13
I believe that those who are engaged in road maintenance all know asphalt spreader trucks. Asphalt spreader trucks are a relatively special kind of special vehicles. They are used as special mechanical equipment for road construction. During work, not only the stability and performance of the vehicle are required, but also the stability of the vehicle. High, it also has high requirements on the operating skills and level of the operators. The editor below summarizes some operating points for everyone to learn together:
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Asphalt spreading trucks are used in highway construction and highway maintenance projects. They can be used for upper and lower seals, permeable layers, waterproof layers, bonding layers, asphalt surface treatment, asphalt penetration pavements, fog seals, etc. on different grades of highway pavements. During project construction, it can also be used for the transportation of liquid asphalt or other heavy oil.
The first thing to note is that before using the vehicle, you need to check whether the position of each valve is accurate. After starting the motor of the asphalt spreading truck, check the four heat transfer oil valves and air pressure gauge. After everything is normal, start the engine and the power take-off starts to work.
Then try turning the asphalt pump again and cycle for 5 minutes. If the pump head shell is hot to your hands, slowly close the thermal oil pump valve. If the heating is insufficient, the pump will not rotate or make noise. You need to open the valve and continue to heat the asphalt pump until it can operate normally.
During the operation of the vehicle, the asphalt should not be filled too slowly and cannot exceed the range specified by the liquid level pointer. The temperature of the asphalt liquid must reach 160-180 degrees Celsius. During transportation, the tank mouth needs to be tightened to prevent asphalt from overflowing. Sprinkle outside of jar.
 When carrying out road repair work, you need to spray asphalt. At this time, remember not to step on the accelerator, otherwise it will directly damage the clutch, asphalt pump and other components. The entire asphalt system should always maintain a large circulation state to prevent the asphalt from solidifying and causing it to fail to work.