Introduction to asphalt pavement construction
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Introduction to asphalt pavement construction
Release Time:2023-12-13
1. Transparent layer construction technology
1. Function and applicable conditions
(1) The role of the permeable layer: In order to make the asphalt surface layer and the base layer well combined, emulsified asphalt, coal pitch or liquid asphalt is poured on the base layer to form a thin layer that penetrates into the surface of the base layer.
(2) All types of base layers of asphalt pavement must be sprayed with penetrating oil. When setting the lower sealing layer on the base layer, the permeable layer oil should not be omitted.
2.General requirements
(1) Select liquid asphalt, emulsified asphalt, and coal asphalt with good permeability as the penetrating oil, and confirm it through drilling or excavation after spraying.
(2) The viscosity of the permeable oil asphalt can be adjusted to a suitable viscosity by adjusting the amount of diluent or the concentration of emulsified asphalt.
(3) The penetrating oil used for the semi-rigid base layer should be sprayed immediately after the base layer is rolled and formed, when the surface becomes slightly dry but has not yet hardened.
(4) Time for spraying penetrating oil: It should be sprayed 1 to 2 days before paving the asphalt layer.
(5) The curing time after the penetration layer oil is spread is determined by experiments to ensure that the diluent in the liquid asphalt is completely volatilized, the emulsified asphalt penetrates and the water evaporates, and the asphalt surface layer is laid as soon as possible.
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3. Precautions
(1) The penetrating oil should not flow after being spread. It should penetrate into the base layer to a certain depth and should not form an oil film on the surface.
(2) When the temperature is lower than 10℃ or it is windy or it will rain, do not spray the penetrating oil.
(3) Strictly prohibit the passage of people and vehicles after spraying penetrating oil.
(4) Remove excess asphalt.
(5) Full penetration, 24 hours.
(6) When the surface layer cannot be paved in time, spread an appropriate amount of stone chips or coarse sand.
2. Construction technology of adhesive layer
(1) Function and applicable conditions
1. The function of the adhesive layer: to completely bond the upper and lower asphalt structural layers or the asphalt structural layer and the structure (or cement concrete pavement) into a whole.
2. If the following conditions are met, adhesive layer asphalt must be sprayed:
(1) Between the asphalt layers of double-layer or three-layer hot-mix hot-paved asphalt mixture pavement.
(2) An asphalt layer is laid on cement concrete pavement, asphalt stabilized gravel base or old asphalt pavement layer.
(3) The sides where curbs, rainwater inlets, inspection wells and other structures are in contact with the newly paved asphalt mixture.
(2) General requirements
1. Technical requirements for sticky layer asphalt. Currently, fast-crack or medium-crack emulsified asphalt and modified emulsified asphalt are generally used as sticky layer asphalt materials. Fast and medium setting liquid petroleum asphalt can also be used.
2. The dosage and variety selection of sticky layer asphalt.
(3) Things to note
(1) The spraying surface must be clean and dry.
(2) It is prohibited to spray when the temperature is below 10℃ or the road surface is wet.
(3) Use asphalt spreading trucks to spray.
(4) After spraying the sticky layer asphalt, be sure to wait for the emulsified asphalt to break and the water to evaporate before laying the upper layer of asphalt concrete.