Advantages of Synchronous Chip Sealing Technology in Highway Maintenance
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Advantages of Synchronous Crushed Rock Sealing Technology in Highway Maintenance
Release Time:2023-08-28
Synchronous chip sealing refers to the use of special equipment, that is, a synchronized chip seal vehicle, to sprinkle single-size stones and asphalt binders on the road surface at the same time, and to make the cement and stones under the rubber wheel roller or natural driving. There is sufficient surface contact between them to achieve a greater cohesive effect, thereby forming an asphalt macadam wear layer that protects the road surface.

In layman's terms, the defects and contours of the road surface are repaired by Synchronous chip sealing layer technology, and the anti-skid resistance of the road surface is restored to achieve the purpose of maintaining the road. The road surface of the driver can pass normally during the driving process, which greatly reduces the traffic accidents caused by the road surface. Chances of a traffic accident due to damage. Compared with traditional conservation methods, Synchronous chip sealing technology has the following advantages:
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(1) Synchronous chip sealing technology can prolong the service life of the road, which can increase the service life of more than 10 years.
(2) The maintenance cost of synchronous gravel sealing technology is significantly lower than that of traditional road maintenance.
(3) The pavement crack resistance performance of synchronous crushed stone seal layer is higher than that of general road maintenance.
(4) The synchronous crushed stone seal layer has a high repairing effect on cracks and ruts, which greatly improves the anti-skid and waterproof properties of the road surface.
(5) The construction process of synchronous crushed stone seal is simple and easy to operate, and its road maintenance speed is faster than the traditional road maintenance method, which can quickly smooth the road and use it normally.

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