Application of mixer in asphalt mixing plant
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Application of mixer in asphalt mixing plant
Release Time:2023-09-21
In an asphalt mixing plant, it involves the use of many different equipment. Obviously, different equipment has different effects. As for the mixer, what effect does it have? Regarding this problem, we will give you a brief introduction next, hoping to help you. Let’s take a look at the detailed content below.

First of all, let’s briefly introduce what a blender is. In fact, the so-called agitator refers to the central device of an intermittent forced stirring equipment. For asphalt mixing stations, the main function of the mixer is to evenly mix the pre-proportioned aggregate, stone powder, asphalt and other materials into the required finished materials. It can be said that the mixing capacity of the mixer reflects the production capacity of the whole machine.
Application of mixer in asphalt mixing plant
So, what is the composition of the mixer? Normally, a mixer mainly consists of several parts: shell, paddle, discharge door, liner, mixing shaft, mixing arm, synchronous gear and motor reducer, etc. The working principle of the mixer is that it adopts a twin-horizontal shaft and dual-motor driving method, and a pair of gears are forced to synchronize, thereby achieving the purpose of synchronous and reverse rotation of the mixing shaft, ultimately allowing the stone and asphalt in the asphalt mixing station to be evenly mixed.

For workers, during daily work, they not only need to operate according to the correct method, but also need to carefully do related inspection and maintenance work. For example, all bolts, mixing arms, blades and liners in the mixer of the asphalt mixing station need to be checked regularly for serious wear and tear, and should be replaced or repaired in time. During work, if you hear abnormal noise, you need to shut down the equipment in time for inspection, and it can only be used after it returns to normal.

In addition to the above requirements, operators should also regularly check the lubrication condition of the transmission part, especially the bearing part, to ensure good lubrication to ensure the good operation of the equipment, and finally complete the work of the asphalt mixing plant.