How does the asphalt mixing equipment perform mixture grading and separation?
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How does the asphalt mixing equipment perform mixture grading and separation?
Release Time:2023-09-20
Asphalt mixing equipment pays attention to the segregation of asphalt mixture during paving operations. Since the segregation of asphalt mixing equipment will affect the quality of asphalt pavement, technologies such as asphalt mixture transfer trucks and re-mixing have emerged. Foreign countries have advanced the problem of asphalt mixture segregation to the mixing process of asphalt mixing equipment to control it.

Install an asphalt mixing equipment detection and analysis system in the asphalt mixing equipment system to conduct random product analysis of the gradation of cold asphalt. The asphalt detection and analysis system includes a sampler and an analyzer. The sampler is installed in the cold aggregate belt conveyor system. The sampling time of the sampler is only 0.5 seconds, so it does not affect the work of the belt conveyor. The sampling volume of the sampler is average. The weight is 9-13kg. The results of sampling analysis are sent to the computer. After comparison and analysis by the computer, the corresponding mechanism is fed back to control to correct the grading error.
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The asphalt mixing equipment sends the materials to the mechanical equipment vibrating screen for screening. Since the equipment has an area, the asphalt is gradually dispersed after entering the screen surface. During screening, the fine particles pass through the screen surface first, and the coarser materials gradually diffuse through the screen surface. , so that the fine materials are first put into the storage bin, and then enter the larger materials, and then the larger materials enter, thus forming a separation of thick and fine materials in the No. 1 storage bin, and the measured materials flowing out of the hot aggregate storage bin will There is a segregation phenomenon. In order to avoid this segregation phenomenon, foreign countries have used baffles to guide the blanking position to reduce the segregation phenomenon.

Asphalt mixing equipment companies have formed an industrial chain by virtue of their excellent capital operation and technology research and development advantages. They have the dominant power over the price of asphalt mixing equipment, so their profit levels are relatively high. However, the construction of domestic asphalt mixing equipment has intensified market competition, and with the maturity of domestic customers, its development in China has become increasingly competitive; domestic advantageous enterprises have developed a gap between their product quality and that of foreign-funded enterprises through their own technology accumulation and brand cultivation. Gradually shrinking, especially for equipment of type 3000 and above, which have higher technical barriers and higher product prices, resulting in higher income levels; in the low-end field, there are a large number of manufacturing companies, and the quality of their products is not reliable , the price is relatively low, making it difficult to form a large scale of income.