Asphalt mixing plant project investment advice
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Asphalt mixing plant project investment advice
Release Time:2023-09-19
     1. Precautions for technical application of asphalt mixing equipment
     Technical risks mainly refer to the risks that may be brought to the project due to uncertainties in the reliability and applicability of the technology adopted by the project and the application of new technologies. The technology and equipment selected are mature and reliable, and contracts are signed with companies that provide technology and equipment to realize risk transfer.

     2. Precautions for project investment
     At present, my country's asphalt mixing equipment market is in a growth period, and there is a certain profit from investment, but corresponding preparations must be made before investing:
     (1). Do preliminary research and do not blindly follow up. Asphalt mixing equipment has high technical requirements and high equipment investment, so you must investigate carefully.
     (2). The equipment must be used well. If you are not familiar with the performance of the equipment, there will be more problems during use.
     (3). Channel sales must be done well. If the product is produced and there is no market, the product will be stranded.
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     3. Precautions for production and development
     When developing and producing asphalt mixing equipment, power and power supply issues must be considered. In urban asphalt road construction, as the asphalt mixing station is relatively fixed, the power supply and power supply mostly adopt the mains power supply through transformer solution. Due to the high mobility of construction, highway construction companies often use diesel generator sets as power supply. Choosing a diesel generator set can not only meet the needs of mobile construction, but also save the cost of purchasing and erecting transformers and lines and paying transformer capacity increase fees. How to select and use diesel generator sets to ensure the reliable, safe and economical operation of asphalt mixing equipment is an issue that development investors need to study in depth.

     (1). Selection of diesel generator sets
     The diesel generator set adopts a three-phase four-wire system for power supply, providing two voltages of 380/220 for different needs.
     Estimate the total electricity consumption of the asphalt mixing station, select the generator kVA set or transformer, calculate the estimated current when considering power and lighting at the same time, and select the cables. When purchasing asphalt mixing equipment, from the central control room to each power equipment line by the production Factory optional supply. The cables from the power supply to the central control room are selected by the highway construction company based on site conditions. The cable length, that is, the distance from the generator to the central control room, is preferably 50 meters. If the line is too long, the loss will be large, and if the line is too short, the generator noise and electromagnetic interference will be detrimental to the operation of the central control room. The cables are buried in cable trenches, which is convenient, safe and reliable.

    (2). Use of diesel generator sets as power supply for asphalt mixing stations
     1) Power supply from a single generator set
     According to the production capacity of the asphalt mixing station, the total electricity consumption is estimated and the situation of the highway construction enterprise can be supplied with electricity by a diesel generator set. This solution is suitable for small asphalt mixing plants such as continuous asphalt mixing equipment with a production capacity of less than 40th.
     2) Multiple generator sets supply power separately
     For example, a Xinhai Road Machine 1000 asphalt mixing equipment has a total installed capacity of 240LB. A 200 diesel generator set is used to drive the induced draft fan and finished material trolley motor, and a diesel generator set is used to drive the motors of other working parts, lighting and asphalt barrel removal motors. The advantage of this solution is that it is simple and flexible and suitable for medium-sized asphalt mixing equipment; the disadvantage is that the total load of the generator cannot be adjusted.
     3) Two diesel generator sets are used in parallel
     The large asphalt mixing plant uses two generator sets in parallel. Since the load can be adjusted, this solution is economical, simple and reliable. For example, the nominal total power consumption of the 3000-type asphalt mixing plant is 785 MkW, and two 404 diesel generator sets are operated in parallel. When two diesel SZkW generator sets are running in parallel to supply power, attention should be paid to solving the following problems:
     (a) Parallel conditions for two diesel generator sets: the frequency of the two generators is the same, the voltage of the two generators is the same, the phase sequence of the two generators is the same and the phases are consistent.
     (b) Paralleling method with lights out. This paralleling method has simple equipment and intuitive and convenient operation.

     (3). Precautions for diesel generator selection and use
     1) The asphalt mixing station should be equipped with a special small diesel generator set to provide asphalt barrel removal, asphalt heating, electric heater and lighting when the asphalt mixing equipment is not working.
     2). The starting current of the motor is 4 to 7 times the rated current. When the asphalt mixing equipment starts to work, a motor with a large rated power should be started first, such as the 3000 type 185 induced draft fan motor.
     3) When selecting a diesel generator set, the long-row type should be selected. That is, it can continuously provide power under different loads without having to equip commercial power, and allows an overload of 10%. When used in parallel, the models of the two generators should be as consistent as possible. The diesel engine speed regulator should be preferably electronic speed regulator, and the parallel cabinet should be prepared according to the calculated current of the generator.
     4) The generator base foundation should be level and firm, and the machine room should be rainproof and well ventilated so that the temperature of the machine room does not exceed the allowable room temperature.

     4. Sales precautions
     According to statistical analysis, from 2008 to 2009, large and medium-sized highway construction enterprises transformed into small and medium-sized enterprises. A large part of them are municipal system users and county-level highway transportation construction enterprises that need equipment upgrades. Therefore, sales must develop different sales plans for different user structures.
     In addition, the demand for asphalt mixing equipment in different regions is also different. For example, Shanxi is a major coal-producing province and has a relatively high demand for small and medium-sized asphalt mixing equipment; while in some economically developed provinces and cities, roads have entered the maintenance stage, and the demand for high-end asphalt mixing equipment is relatively high.
     Therefore, sales staff should analyze the market in each region and formulate suitable sales plans in order to occupy a place in the fierce market competition.