What should we pay attention to during daily use of emulsified asphalt equipment?
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What should we pay attention to during daily use of emulsified asphalt equipment?
Release Time:2024-04-12
The emulsified asphalt equipment is an "internally heated local rapid asphalt storage heater device". The series is currently the most advanced asphalt equipment in China that integrates fast heating, energy saving and environmental protection. Among the products, it is a direct heating portable equipment. The product not only has a fast heating speed , save fuel, and do not pollute the environment. It is easy to operate. The automatic preheating system eliminates the trouble of baking or cleaning asphalt and pipelines. The automatic cycle program allows the asphalt to automatically enter the heater, dust collector, induced draft fan, asphalt pump, and asphalt as needed. It consists of temperature display, water level display, steam generator, pipeline and asphalt pump preheating system, pressure relief system, steam combustion system, tank cleaning system, oil unloading and tank device, etc., all of which are installed on (inside) the tank to form a Compact one-piece structure.
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Mixing equipment is usually equipped with multiple emulsified asphalt equipment. If they are heated to a higher operating temperature and stored for a long time, it will not only cause the asphalt to age, but also lead to a large amount of energy consumption. In view of the energy-saving technology of fuel asphalt tank heating, an optimal mixing device layout for emulsified asphalt equipment was set up based on CFD and FLUENT, which increased the asphalt heating speed by 14% and reduced fuel consumption by 5.5%. The effect of the mixing device in the tank was studied based on the fluid mechanics theoretical model. The relationship between arrangement and stirring power. From the aspects of installation and debugging of emulsified asphalt equipment, we made installation key points and precautions that are conducive to energy saving; we conducted research on the reasonable allocation of fuel asphalt tank volume and increased heating speed; we also proposed from the aspects of emission control, automation control, warm mix asphalt, and sustainable development. A new method for asphalt storage and heating. The above research has studied how to improve the heating efficiency and reduce energy consumption of fuel asphalt tanks from different perspectives such as fuel asphalt tank structure, temperature control, energy conservation and environmental protection.