Asphalt mixing plant shutdown matters and the benefits of mobile design
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Asphalt mixing plant shutdown matters and the benefits of mobile design
Release Time:2024-03-12
As a commonly used equipment, standardizing the operating steps of this important production tool, asphalt mixing station, doing daily maintenance, conducting regular inspections, eliminating safety hazards, etc. can effectively ensure the safety factor and stability of the equipment and prevent operations. Mistakes can cause damage to the equipment and cause losses. Good maintenance operations can also further extend the service life of the asphalt mixing plant.
When the asphalt mixing plant is shut down, after reaching the shutdown conditions, the operator should keep the drying drum, induced draft fan, and dust removal system running for about 5 minutes, and then shut down all of them. The purpose of this is to allow the drying drum to fully dissipate heat and prevent the drum from deforming due to shutdown due to excessive temperature.
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At the same time, the operation of the induced draft fan and dust removal system reduces the dust adhering to the cloth belt, thereby alleviating the impact of the dust on the cloth belt's air permeability reduction due to moisture. Asphalt mixing plants can produce asphalt mixtures, modified asphalt mixtures and colored asphalt mixtures. Therefore, it is a key equipment for highway construction, graded highway construction, urban road construction, airport construction, port construction, etc.
In terms of mobility, small asphalt mixing plants are easy to load and unload, and are convenient to transport; mobile asphalt mixing plants are specially designed for construction projects with short construction periods, small amounts of work, uncertain construction sites, and need to quickly and frequently change sites. for mass production of asphalt concrete.
Because it adopts modular design and mobile chassis. And according to the construction period, it can be flexibly transferred to different construction sites, greatly reducing equipment transportation costs. This type of mobile asphalt mixing plant has become an ideal choice for asphalt mixture products in small and medium-sized highway construction projects due to its energy-saving, environmentally friendly, fast and efficient performance.