The Environmental Protection Technology and Application of Sinosun Asphalt Mixing Plant
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The Environmental Protection Technology and Application of Sinosun Asphalt Mixing Plant
Release Time:2023-10-07
According to Sinosun Company's research on the environmental protection technology of asphalt mixing plants, combined with the application effects of multiple sets of Sinosun mixing plant environmental protection technologies, the characteristics and pollution sources of pollutants in asphalt mixing plants were analyzed, the treatment mechanism of pollutants was analyzed, and the environmental protection effects were analyzed. Evaluation to guide users in selecting asphalt mixing equipment.

Pollutant analysis
The main pollutants in asphalt mixing plants are: asphalt smoke, dust, and noise. Dust control is mainly through physical methods, including sealing, dust collecting hoods, air induction, dust removal, recycling, etc.; noise reduction measures mainly include mufflers, soundproof covers, frequency conversion controls, etc.; asphalt smoke contains a variety of toxic components, and control is also difficult. It is relatively complex and requires both physical and chemical methods. The following focuses on the treatment technology of asphalt smoke.
Environmental protection technology
1. Asphalt smoke combustion technology
Asphalt smoke contains a variety of complex components, but its basic components are hydrocarbons. The combustion of asphalt smoke is the reaction of hydrocarbons and oxygen, and the products after the reaction are carbon dioxide and water. CnHm+(n+m/4)O2=nCO2+m/2H2O
Tests have proven that when the temperature exceeds 790°C, the combustion time is >0.5s. Under sufficient oxygen supply, the combustion degree of asphalt smoke can reach 90%. When the temperature is >900°C, the asphalt smoke can achieve complete combustion.
Sinosunasphalt smoke combustion technology adopts a special patented structure design of the burner. It is equipped with a special air inlet for asphalt smoke and a specially designed drying barrel combustion zone to achieve complete combustion of asphalt smoke.

2. Micro-light resonance asphalt smoke purification technology
Micro-light resonance asphalt smoke purification technology is a special treatment method that uses special ultraviolet bands and microwave molecular oscillation, and under the joint action of special catalytic oxidants, to break up the asphalt smoke molecules and further oxidize and reduce them. This technology consists of three units, the first unit is the photolysis unit, the second unit is the microwave molecular oscillation technology unit, and the third unit is the catalytic oxidation unit.
Micro-light resonance asphalt smoke purification technology belongs to photoelectric purification technology and is the best exhaust gas purification technology in this field. The treatment efficiency is several times that of other methods. The equipment operates without consumable materials and the overall service life is more than 5 years.

3. Integrated drying cylinder technology
Integrated drying cylinder technology is a technology to control the source of asphalt smoke. It realizes drying and heating of recycled materials through heat conduction between high-temperature new aggregate and recycled materials. During the heating process, the recycled material does not go through the high-temperature baking of the flame in the combustion zone, and the amount of asphalt smoke is small. The asphalt smoke is gathered by the gathering cover and then contacts the flame at a low speed to achieve full combustion of the asphalt smoke.
The integrated drying technology has all the functions of traditional double-drum thermal regeneration equipment and basically achieves no asphalt smoke generation. This technology has obtained a national invention patent and is Sinosun's patented environmental protection technology.

4. Pulverized coal clean combustion technology
The main performance of pulverized coal clean burning technology is: clean site - no pulverized coal can be seen on site, clean environment; clean combustion - low carbon, low nitrogen combustion, low pollutant emissions; clean ash - improved asphalt mixture performance, no pollution side effect.
Pulverized coal clean combustion technology mainly includes:
Gas reflux technology: fluid mechanics principles, double reflux zone design.
Multi-air duct combustion-supporting technology: three-stage air supply mode, low air ratio combustion.
Low-nitrogen combustion technology: controlling the high temperature zone of the flame, catalytic reduction technology.
The pulverized coal clean combustion technology enables the burner to consume 8~9kg/t of coal. The extremely low coal consumption reflects the high efficiency, low emissions and high environmental protection performance of the Sinosun combustion technology.

5. Closed mixing equipment
Closed asphalt mixing equipment is the development trend of the asphalt mixing industry. The Sinosun closed mixing main building takes environmental protection standards as the core and has very good comprehensive performance: the architectural design style is magnificent and creates a good corporate image for users; modular design and workshop-like The production method enables on-site assembly and an ultra-short installation period; the modular detachable structure enables easy transition of equipment; the decentralized large-volume ventilation system ensures a good working environment in the main building, which is sealed but not "closed"; sound insulation and dust suppression , environmental protection performance is very good.

Environmental performance
The comprehensive application of a variety of environmental protection technologies gives Sinosun equipment complete environmental performance:
Asphalt smoke: ≤60mg/m3
Benzopyrene: <0.3μg/m3
Dust emission: ≤20mg/m3
Noise: Factory boundary noise ≤55dB, control room noise ≤60dB
Smoke blackness: <Level I, (Lingermann level)

The environmental protection of Sinosun asphalt mixing plant is based on improving and optimizing conventional environmental protection technology, and takes the research and development of new environmental protection technology as its responsibility to achieve all-round environmental protection of asphalt mixing equipment. Its comprehensive environmental protection technology also includes: various types of storage systems, Dust control at material points, sealed lane design, induced draft fan noise reduction, equipment frequency conversion control, thermal insulation and noise reduction, etc. These measures are effective and practical, and all have excellent and perfect performance, confirming that the equipment is efficient, energy-saving, green and environmentally friendly. Comprehensive environmental performance.