How to clean and maintain the asphalt tank of asphalt distributor truck
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How to clean and maintain the asphalt tank of asphalt distributor truck
Release Time:2023-10-07
Asphalt distributor trucks must be used when paving roads, but asphalt is relatively hot. The asphalt storage tank must be thoroughly and effectively cleaned after each use to prevent asphalt from condensing. Sinosun Company explains to you how to clean and maintain the asphalt tanks in asphalt distributor trucks

Diesel is generally used when cleaning asphalt tanks. If there is a certain thickness, it can be cleaned through physical methods first, and then washed with diesel. The ventilation system is activated when the cavern is sucking out base oil to ensure ventilation in the workplace. Oil and gas poisoning accidents are very likely to occur during the removal of dirt at the bottom of the tank, and protective measures must be taken to prevent poisoning. In addition, the technical status of the ventilation equipment should be checked and the fans should be started for ventilation. Cavern asphalt tanks and semi-underground asphalt tanks should be continuously ventilated. When ventilation is stopped, the upper opening of the asphalt tank must be sealed. Check that the protective clothing and respirators of personnel meet safety requirements; check whether the tools and equipment (wooden) used meet explosion-proof requirements. After passing the requirements, enter the asphalt tank to remove dirt.
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In addition, during the use of asphalt tanks, if there is a sudden power outage or a failure of the circulation system, in addition to ventilation and cooling, we should not forget to replace the cold thermal oil, and the replacement must be quick and orderly. Sinosun would like to remind everyone here that never open the cold oil replacement oil valve too large. During the replacement process, the opening degree of our oil valve follows the rule from large to small, so as to extend the replacement time as much as possible while ensuring that there is enough cold oil for replacement, effectively preventing the asphalt heating tank from being in an oil-free or Low oil state.

Asphalt storage tanks and asphalt distributor trucks are important equipment in road construction. During long-term use, frequent use will inevitably cause wear and tear on the equipment. In order to ensure the normal use of the equipment, we should perform regular maintenance and upkeep.