Three-point inspection is very important for asphalt sprayer trucks
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Three-point inspection is very important for asphalt sprayer trucks
Release Time:2023-10-08
Henan Sinosun Heavy Industry Corporation reminds you: before officially using the asphalt sprayer truck, do not forget to check it. This is a very important thing, because only during the inspection can we find out whether the vehicle exists. question, whether it will affect work efficiency, etc. Therefore, Junhua Company has brought you three points of inspection:
(1) Inspection work before use: Check whether the working devices of the asphalt sprayer truck are normal, such as various operating parts, instruments, asphalt pump hydraulic systems and valves, etc. Also check whether the fire protection supplies are complete to ensure effective use. The fuel for the heating system should be used The fuel is within the regulations and the fuel cannot be spilled;

(2) Correct operation of the blowtorch: The blowtorch cannot be used when the oil suction pipe has not been closed and the asphalt is hot. When using a fixed blowtorch for heating, you need to open the chimney opening on the rear wall of the asphalt tank first, and then the fire tube can be ignited after the liquid asphalt floods the fire tube. , when the blowtorch flame is too large or sprayer, turn off the blowtorch immediately and wait until the excess fuel is burned before using it. The lit blowtorch should not be close to flammable materials;

(3) Correct operation of asphalt sprayer truck spraying: Before spraying, check the safety protection. When spraying, no one is allowed to stand within 10 meters of the spraying direction, and no sudden turns are allowed. The disk swings and changes speed at will, and moves forward steadily in the direction indicated by the guide line. It should be noted that the heating system cannot be used when the asphalt sprayer truck is in motion.