How to mix concrete in asphalt mixing plant?
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How to mix concrete in asphalt mixing plant?
Release Time:2024-01-02
Normally, asphalt mixing plants work on asphalt, but if concrete is mixed into it, how should we control the equipment? Let the editor briefly explain to you how to control the asphalt mixing plant under special circumstances.
For concrete mixed with admixtures, the dosage, mixing method and mixing time must be strictly controlled, because these are important factors that affect the quality of the final product. It cannot be ignored because it uses less CNC, nor can it be used as a way to save costs. At the same time, it is strictly prohibited to shorten the mixing time in order to speed up the progress.
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The selected mixing method cannot be careless. The concrete needs to be hydrolyzed before being mixed. Dry mixing is not allowed. Once the concrete agglomerates, it cannot be used. At the same time, in order to control its stability, the amount of water-reducing agent or air-entraining agent must be controlled to ensure that the asphalt mixing plant can produce high-quality products.