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Asphalt Plant Turnkey Solutions
Release Time:2018-12-11
The infrastructure construction develops all over the world now days. Our clients order not only the asphalt mixing plant, but also the whole asphalt production lines turnkey project solutions. The asphalt plant vendors should give the solution includes asphalt mixing plant, drummed asphalt melting equipment, separated hot asphalt storage system, generator set, etc. As one of asphalt plant vendors, we provide asphalt plant turnkey solution as below:
Asphalt Plant Turnkey Solutions_1
1.Auxiliary Equipment
As asphalt plant vendors, besides of the asphalt mixing plant. some clients also have needs of the auxiliary equipment like drummed asphalt melting equipment, generator set and separated hot storage system.

2.Test and Delivery
After the manufacturing, we will test all the parts of the asphalt plant to make sure every part runs well. The parts will be fastened in containers, and the little parts will be packed in closed wooden case. We will delivery the whole asphalt mixing plant after the rest payment done.
Asphalt Plant Turnkey Solutions_2
We will assist and induct the labors to install the asphalt plant. and as customer’s request, we can do the installation day and night.

4.Training and after-sale service
We will train the asphalt plant operators after the installation in your local. When the asphalt plant runs, the asphalt mixing plant operators also can ask us any questions at free in 7/24 hours.