Basic concepts and characteristics of slurry sealing technology
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Basic concepts and characteristics of slurry sealing technology
Release Time:2023-11-24
With the rapid development of our country's economy and technology, our country's road traffic conditions have also been greatly improved. However, the load capacity of vehicles is also increasing rapidly, and the number of large trucks is also increasing, which has brought huge pressure to transportation. Therefore, highway The maintenance work has gradually attracted people's attention.
The pavement of traditional highways uses ordinary asphalt binding materials, which is far from meeting the high standards and requirements of modern transportation for highways. How to prepare high-grade pavement asphalt binder to ensure the quality and efficiency of highway use is a question worth exploring. Slurry sealing and micro-surfacing technology are being gradually promoted as preventive maintenance methods with good quality and economical cost.
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The composition of emulsified asphalt slurry mixture is relatively complex, mainly including cement, fly ash, mineral powder and additives. The slurry mixture uses stone or sand as the basic aggregate, but the selection of stone and sand is not arbitrary, but should reach a certain gradation, and then add a certain proportion of emulsified asphalt as a binding material to achieve a binding effect. If the situation is special, you can also selectively add a certain proportion of powder. After all the ingredients are added, they are mixed with water in a certain proportion to form an asphalt mixture. The asphalt mixture formed by these components is fluid and easy to use during road maintenance. The mixture is sprayed on the road surface by a slurry sealing truck to form a slurry seal. The main technical points of spraying are continuous and uniform. The mixture forms a thin layer of asphalt surface treatment on the road surface, which is beneficial to the next process. The main function of this thin layer is to protect the original road surface and slow down road wear.
Due to the incorporation of a certain proportion of water into the slurry sealing mixture, it is easy to evaporate in the air. After the water is evaporated, it will become dry and hardened. Therefore, after the slurry is formed, it not only looks very similar to fine-grained asphalt concrete, but does not affect the visual appearance of the road. It also has the same technical properties as fine-grained concrete in terms of wear resistance, anti-skid, waterproofing, and smoothness. Slurry seal technology is used in highway pavement maintenance because of its simple construction technology, short construction period, low cost, high quality, wide application, strong adaptability, etc. It is an economical and efficient method. Asphalt pavement maintenance technology is worthy of application and promotion. In addition, the advantages of this technology are also reflected in the high bonding force between asphalt and mineral materials, strong combination with the road surface, the ability to completely cover the mineral materials, high strength and good durability.