Brief analysis of the application of fog seal layer
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Brief analysis of the application of fog seal layer
Release Time:2024-02-28
Fog sealing is a road maintenance method with a wide range of applications. Mainly used on roads with light to moderate fines loss or loose material. For example, when the asphalt pavement is loose, the fog seal layer can solve the problem; such as the surface of dense-graded asphalt mixture on aging pockmarked surface, the surface of gravel seal layer, the surface of open-graded asphalt mixture, etc. It mainly refers to the fact that the road surface has begun to show slight fatigue cracks and fine aggregate loss, and its water permeability has increased. Pavement water will enter the asphalt mixture through cracks or fine aggregate damage, causing cracks, cracks, and Potholes and other pavement conditions where the pavement structure performs well.
Fog seal layer maintenance machine: Most asphalt pavements age quickly in the first 2-4 years of use, causing about 1CM of asphalt on the road surface to become brittle, causing early cracks, loosening and other damage to the road surface, and early water damage to the road surface. Diseases, so 2 to 4 years after the asphalt pavement is opened to traffic is the time to maintain the fog seal layer. It should be specifically determined based on the investigation of typical structural and functional diseases of the pavement, pavement condition index PCI, international flatness index IRI, structural depth, wear and tear conditions and other factors.
The function of fog sealing layer:
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(1) Waterproof effect, which can effectively reduce water damage to the road surface;
(2) The fog seal material has good permeability and can fill the fine cracks and surface voids in the road surface;
(3) After the construction of the fog seal layer, the bonding force between the aggregates in the asphalt surface layer can be enhanced, acting as an asphalt regenerator and protecting the old oxidized asphalt pavement;
(4) The construction of fog seal layer can blacken the road surface, increase the color contrast of the road surface, and increase the visual comfort of the driver;
(5) Automatically heal cracks below 0.3MM;
(6) The construction cost is low and the service life of the road can be extended.
Construction methods and precautions:
(1) A special spray truck or special spraying tool for fog sealing layer should be used to spray the fog sealing layer material according to the set spraying rate.
(2) The spraying edges at the starting and ending points of the construction should be ensured to be neat, and oil felt should be pre-paved at the starting and ending points.
(3) If striped spreading or material leakage occurs, construction should be stopped immediately for inspection.
(4) The curing time of the fog seal layer should be determined according to the type of material and climatic conditions, and it can be opened to traffic only after it is dried and formed.