The brief of Intelligent Rubber Asphalt Distributor truck
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The brief of Intelligent Rubber Asphalt Distributor truck
Release Time:2023-08-16
Intelligent rubber asphalt distributor truck is a tank-type special vehicle equipped with an insulated container, bitumen pump, heater and spraying system for spraying bitumen. It is widely used in road construction such as highways, urban roads, airports, ports and reservoirs. With intelligent control system, advanced design, user-oriented, high degree of automation, automatic adjustment of bitumen flow.

Detailed configurations of intelligent rubber asphalt distributor truck:
The hydraulic pump, bitumen pump, bitumen pump drive motor, burner, temperature controller, and control system of the vehicle are all imported or domestic famous brand components, which are reliable in operation; The whole process of spraying is controlled by computer, according to the construction situation, you can choose the computer-controlled automatic spraying method of the rear pipe, or the spraying method with the hand-held nozzle, which is convenient and reliable to operate; Automatically adjust the spraying amount according to the change of vehicle driving speed; Each nozzle is controlled individually, and the spreading width can be adjusted arbitrarily; Equipped with two sets of control systems (cab, rear operating platform), real-time recording of bitumen spraying area, spraying distance, spraying total amount, to ensure the reliability of bitumen spraying; Intelligent control system, only need to set the bitumenspraying amount per square meter, can realize automatic spraying; The whole vehicle is equipped with self-priming and transfer devices; The heat conduction oil heats and insulates tanks, bitumen pumps, nozzles, spray beams, and bitumen pipelines in an all-round way to meet the needs of different types of bitumen construction; The pipes and nozzles are flushed with high-pressure air, and the pipes and nozzles are not easy to be blocked. The spraying is efficient and convenient, and the working performance is safe and reliable.
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Unique advantages of intelligent rubber asphalt distributor truck:
1. The rubber bitumen tank is equipped with a strong stirring device to force convection of the medium in the tank to avoid bitumen segregation and precipitation, and can adapt to heating and spreading of various bitumen;
2. Strong spray control technology can realize zero-distance start-up spraying, uniform and reliable spraying;
3. The vehicle can be equipped with a manual spray gun to spray bitumen locally on the corners and special parts to meet the requirements of special working conditions
4. The chassis is selected from well-known domestic automobile chassis, with strong power, strong carrying capacity, comfortable driving, stable and convenient operation