what is bitumen bag melter machine
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what is bitumen bag melter machine
Release Time:2023-08-17
With the rapid development of highway construction, the demand for bitumen increases, and bag bitumen is more and more used for its convenient transportation, easy storage, and low packaging cost, which is especially suitable for long-distance transportation. The bitumen is packaged in disposable plastic bags, but there is no equipment for removing the bag. Many construction units boil the bag bitumen in a pot, which is not safe and pollutes the environment. Moreover, the processing speed is slow, the amount of processing is small, and labor The strength is high, and it is far behind the amount of liquid bitumen required for large-scale road construction machinery. bitumen bag melter machine can provide construction units with a high degree of mechanization and automation, fast processing speed, no environmental pollution, safe and reliable.
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bitumen bag melter machine is mainly composed of bag removal box, coal-fired combustion chamber, hot air heating pipeline, superconducting heating, solid bitumen feeding port, bag cutting mechanism, agitator, bag melting mechanism, filter box and electrical control system. The box body is divided into three chambers, one chamber with bag and two chambers without bag, in which bitumen is extracted. The solid bitumen feed port (loader loads solid bitumen) is equipped with bitumen splash and rain protection functions. After the bag bitumen is loaded, the packaging bag is automatically cut to facilitate the melting of the bitumen. The heat conduction is mainly based on bitumen as the medium, and the stirring promotes the convection of the bitumen and enhances the radiation conduction of heat. The bag removal mechanism has the function of pulling out the packaging bag and draining the bitumen hanging on the bag. The melted bitumen enters the bagless chamber after being filtered, and can be extracted and stored or entered into the next process.

bitumen bag melter machine has the advantages of high degree of mechanization and automation, fast processing speed, large processing capacity, safe and reliable work, and no pollution to the environment. It can be widely used in highway and urban road construction.