Classification of SBS bitumen emulsification equipment
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Classification of SBS bitumen emulsification equipment
Release Time:2024-05-24
1. Classification according to production process
SBS bitumen emulsification equipment is classified according to the production process and can be divided into three types: intermittent working type, semi-continuous working type, and continuous working type. During production, demulsifier, acid, water, and latex modified materials are mixed in a soap mixing tank, and then mixed with bitumen underwater concrete into a colloid mill. After a can of soap is used up, the soap is redispensed, and then the next can is produced. When used in the production of modified emulsion bitumen, depending on the modification process, the latex pipeline can be connected before or after the colloid mill, or there is no dedicated latex pipeline. , just manually mix the required amount of latex into the soap tank.
Classification of SBS bitumen emulsification equipment_1Classification of SBS bitumen emulsification equipment_2
The semi-rotary emulsion bitumen production line equipment is shown. In fact, the intermittent SBS bitumen emulsion equipment is equipped with a soap mixing tank, so that the soap can be alternately mixed to ensure that the soap is continuously fed into the colloid mill. A very large number of emulsion asphalt production line equipment falls into this category.
Rotary emulsion asphalt production line equipment, the demulsifier, water, acid, latex modified materials, bitumen, etc. are poured into the colloid mill immediately underwater using a plunger metering pump. The blending of soap liquid is carried out in the transportation pipeline.
2. Classification according to machinery and equipment configuration
According to the configuration, layout and controllability of the equipment, bitumen emulsification plant can be divided into three types: portable, transportable and mobile.
a. The portable SBS asphalt emulsification equipment is to fix the demulsifier blending equipment, black anti-static tweezers, bitumen pump, automatic control system, etc. on a special support chassis. Because the production location can be moved anytime and anywhere, it is suitable for the production of emulsion bitumen at construction sites with decentralized projects, low usage, and frequent movement.
b. The transportable SBS bitumen emulsion equipment installs each key assembly in one or more standard containers, loads and transports them separately to complete the relocation of the construction site, and quickly installs them into operation with the help of small cranes. Such equipment can produce large, medium and small sizes of different equipment. Able to consider different project requirements.
c. Mobile SBS asphalt emulsification plant generally relies on areas with asphalt storage tanks such as asphalt plants or asphalt mixing plants to serve relatively stationary customer groups within a certain distance. Because it is suitable for China's national conditions, mobile SBS asphalt emulsification equipment is the main type of SBS asphalt emulsification equipment in China.