Modification purpose, principle and process of modified bitumen equipment
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Modification purpose, principle and process of modified bitumen equipment
Release Time:2024-05-24
Purpose of modified materials: Add modifiers and new modifiers to the cultivation base bitumen to fully improve the bridge performance of the bitumen, including temperature sensing properties, high temperature stability, low temperature cohesion, aging resistance and important link protection functions.
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Principle of modified materials: Asphalt is a polymer material compound composed of asphaltenes, collagen fibers, paraxylene and saturated hydrocarbons. Asphaltenes rely on collagen fibers to disperse in paraxylene and saturated hydrocarbons to produce a colloidal solution structure. Asphaltene When the ingredients are small, bitumen has good adhesion, plastic deformation, and fluidity, but poor temperature stability and ductility. The polymer modifier is similar to the asphaltene in asphalt. Its addition, after sufficient melting and swelling with asphalt, The xylene and collagen fibers in the asphalt are absorbed to form a new colloidal solution. During the mixing process of the mixture, the warm mix agent and asphalt are sprayed into the mixing pot simultaneously. Under mechanical mixing, a large amount of surfactant micelles come into contact with the hot asphalt, and the external water of the micelles quickly evaporates and loses, causing the lipophilic group to contact the asphalt; while the remaining water that has not been lost is in contact with the hydrophilic group of the surfactant. Combined, a large amount of structural shrinkage water with lubricating effect is produced between the asphalts covering the asphalt mixture; through the lubricating effect of structural shrinkage water, it not only improves the mixing efficiency of the mixture, but also avoids the problem to a certain extent. Asphalt mortar is clumping.
This not only preserves or improves the adhesion, plastic deformation and fluidity of the original asphalt, but also improves the temperature stability and ductility of the asphalt, thereby achieving the purpose of improving the performance of asphalt bridges;
Modified material processing technology: the modifiers and modifiers are evenly and finely dispersed into the cultivation base asphalt, and then cut through high-speed micro powder machines to maximize the contact area between the original asphalt and the modifiers to ensure sufficient Swelling, growth and development. It not only increases the usage rate of the modifier but also improves the performance of the original asphalt.