Preparations before starting the asphalt mixing plant
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Preparations before starting the asphalt mixing plant
Release Time:2024-05-28
For asphalt mixing plants, if we want to keep them in good working order, we must make corresponding preparations. Usually, we need to make some preparations before starting work. As a user, you should be very familiar with and understand these preparations and do them well. Let’s take a look at the preparations before starting the asphalt mixing plant.
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before starting work, the staff should promptly clean up the scattered materials or debris near the conveyor belt to keep the conveyor belt running smoothly; second, start the asphalt mixing plant equipment first and let it run without load for a while. Only after it is determined that there are no abnormal problems and the motor is running normally can you start to slowly increase the load; thirdly, when the equipment is running under load, personnel need to be arranged to conduct follow-up inspections to observe the operating status of the equipment.
During operation, staff need to pay attention to appropriately adjusting the tape according to the actual operating conditions. If there are abnormal sounds or other problems during the operation of the asphalt mixing plant equipment, the cause must be found out and dealt with in time. In addition, during the entire operation, the staff also need to always pay attention to check whether the instrument display is working properly.
After the work is completed, the staff needs to carefully inspect and maintain the PP sheets on the equipment. For example, for moving parts with relatively high temperatures, grease should be added or replaced after the work is completed; the air filter element and air-water separator filter element inside the air compressor should be cleaned; ensure the oil level and oil level of the air compressor lubricating oil. Ensure that the oil level and oil quality in the reducer are good; properly adjust the tightness of the asphalt mixing station belts and chains, and replace them with new ones if necessary; tidy up the work site and keep it clean.
It should be noted that for any abnormal problems detected, personnel must be arranged in time to deal with them, and records must be kept in order to grasp the full use status of the asphalt mixing station equipment.