Correct use and maintenance of road construction machinery
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Correct use and maintenance of road construction machinery
Release Time:2024-05-28
The correct use of road construction machinery is directly related to the quality, progress and efficiency of highway projects, and the repair and maintenance of road construction machinery are the guarantee for completing production tasks. Accurately handling the use, maintenance and repair of machinery is a crucial issue in the mechanized construction of modern highway construction companies.
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The rational use of road construction machinery to maximize its potential is what highway mechanized construction companies want, and maintenance and repair are the necessary prerequisites for the maximum performance of mechanical efficiency. In recent years, in the mechanized construction of highways, management has been carried out according to the principle of "focusing on use and maintenance", which has changed the previous construction that only paid attention to the use of machinery and not to mechanical maintenance. Many easy-to-find problems were ignored, resulting in the failure of some small equipment. Questions turned into big mistakes, and some even ended up being scrapped early. This not only greatly increases the cost of mechanical repairs, but also delays the construction, and some even cause problems with the quality of the project. In response to this situation, we formulated and determined the maintenance content of each shift in machine management and urged its implementation. Performing forced maintenance for 2-3 days at the end of each month can eliminate many problems before they occur.
After each shift of maintenance, remove the remaining cement concrete in the mixing pot after working every day to reduce the wear of the mixing knife and extend the service life of the mixing knife; remove dust from all parts of the machine and add butter to the lubricated parts to make the whole machine smooth. The good lubrication condition of the components reduces the wear of consumable parts, thereby reducing mechanical failures caused by wear; check each fastener and consumable parts, and solve any problems in a timely manner so that some failures can be eliminated before they occur. To prevent problems before they occur; to maintain each shift, the service life of the wire rope of the hopper of the mixer can be extended by an average of 800h, and the mixing knife can be extended by 600h.
Monthly mandatory maintenance is an effective measure we take based on the actual situation of road construction machinery. Due to the high intensity of modern highway construction, road construction machinery is basically working at full capacity. It is impossible to take time to diagnose and eliminate problems that have not yet appeared. Therefore, during the monthly mandatory maintenance, understand the functions of all road construction machinery and deal with any questions in a timely manner. During forced maintenance, in addition to the usual shift maintenance items, some links must be strictly inspected by the mechanical maintenance department after each maintenance. After inspection, any questions found will be dealt with in a timely manner, and certain financial and administrative penalties will be given to those who do not care about maintenance. Through the forced maintenance of road construction machinery, the utilization rate and integrity rate of road construction machinery can be improved.