The uses and compositions of asphalt mixing plants
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The uses and compositions of asphalt mixing plants
Release Time:2023-08-09
The asphalt mixing plant is used to produce asphalt mixtrues in large quantities. Due to the large scale of the equipment, it is expensive. With the support of asphalt plants will improve the production efficiency of asphalt mixture, and reduce the harm to the human body, so it is indispensable for road projects now.

In fact, to produce asphalt contains different processes and technologies, which are indispensable and closely connected with each other. If there is any omission in any step, it will eventually affect the quality of asphalt mixtures, and the loss is immeasurable. asphalt is very common in our lives, it has a lot of help and influence on road construction.

Whether it is the past asphalt production or the current mechanized production process, it can be seen that the asphalt production process is very complicated, but now with the asphalt mixing plant, it will become more efficient.
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Asphalt mixing plants also known as asphalt concrete mixing plant, refers to the complete set of equipment for mass producing asphalt concrete. According to the mixing method, asphalt plant can be divided into forced batch type and continuous type; according to the handling method, asphalt plant can be divided into fixed type, semi-fixed type and mobile type.

The main purpose of the asphalt mixing plants can produce asphalt mixture, modified asphalt mixture, colored asphalt mixture, fully meet the needs of building expressways, graded roads, municipal roads, airports, ports, etc. 

The components of asphalt mixing plant: ⑴ Grading machine ⑵ Vibrating screen ⑶ Belt feeder ⑷ Powder conveyor ⑸ Drying mixing drum ⑹ Pulverized coal burner ⑺ Dust collector ⑻ Elevator ⑼ Finished product silo ⑽ Asphalt supply system ⑾ Power distribution Room⑿ Electrical control system