Management and maintenance of mobile asphalt mixing plants
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Management and maintenance of mobile asphalt mixing plants
Release Time:2024-07-09
In terms of production, management is the first step to ensure the effective progress of work, especially when it comes to some large-scale projects, including the management of equipment, the management of production processes, etc. The management of mobile asphalt mixing plants covers various aspects such as equipment management and production safety management, and each aspect is very important.
First, the management of equipment. If the equipment cannot work properly, production cannot continue, which seriously affects the progress of the entire project. Therefore, the management of asphalt mixing plant equipment is a basic requirement, which includes lubrication work, maintenance plans, and the management of related accessories of equipment.
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Among them, the most important is the lubrication of asphalt mixing plant equipment. Many times, the reason why some equipment failures occur is mostly due to inadequate lubrication. For this reason, it is necessary to formulate corresponding equipment maintenance plans, especially to do a good job of lubrication of key parts. This is because after the failure of key parts, their replacement and maintenance work are usually relatively complicated and time-consuming, affecting work efficiency.
Then, according to the actual situation, formulate corresponding maintenance and inspection plans. The advantage of doing this is that some possible asphalt mixing equipment failures can be eliminated in the bud. For some parts that are prone to damage, problems should be checked regularly, such as slurry mixing, lining, screen, etc., and the replacement time should be reasonably arranged according to the degree of wear and production tasks.
In addition, in order to reduce the impact during the project, the location of the mobile asphalt plant is usually remote, so it is relatively difficult to purchase accessories. Considering these practical problems, it is recommended to purchase a certain amount of accessories in advance to facilitate timely replacement when problems occur. Especially for vulnerable parts such as slurry mixing, lining, screen, etc., due to the long distribution cycle, in order to avoid affecting the construction period, 3 sets of accessories are purchased in advance as spare parts.
In addition, the safety management of the entire production process cannot be ignored. In order to do a good job in the safety management of the asphalt mixing plants and ensure that there are no safety accidents in machinery and equipment and personnel, corresponding preventive measures must be taken in advance.