Design and installation instructions for asphalt mixing plants
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Design and installation instructions for asphalt mixing plants
Release Time:2024-07-09
All equipment must be designed, manufactured and installed before they can work, and asphalt mixing plants are no exception. So there are some precautions in the process of design or installation. Do you know what they are?
First, let's introduce some issues about design. We found that when designing an asphalt mixing plant, the work that must be prepared first includes construction market research, data analysis and other links. Then, according to actual needs, these factors are integrated, and some innovative ideas must be considered to optimize and select the most suitable practical solutions. Then, the schematic diagram of this solution must be drawn.
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After the overall design plan is determined, some details must be considered. Including the influence of processing technology, assembly technology, packaging and transportation, economy, safety, reliability, practicality and other factors, and then set the position, structural shape and connection method of each component. Moreover, in order to ensure the use effect of the asphalt plant, it will continue to improve and achieve perfection on the basis of the original design.
Next, we will continue to introduce the precautions for the installation of asphalt plants.
First, the first step is site selection. According to the scientific and reasonable site selection principle, it is necessary to consider the important factor that the site is easy to recover after the construction is completed. However, during the construction process, industrial noise and dust are inevitable. Therefore, in terms of site selection, the first thing to consider is the mixed ground space, and when installing, the asphalt mixing plant should be kept away from farmland and residential areas of planting and breeding bases as much as possible to prevent the production noise from affecting the quality of life or personal safety of nearby residents. The second thing to consider is whether electricity and water resources can meet the needs of production and construction.
After selecting the site, then installation. In the process of installing the asphalt plant, the important factor is safety. Therefore, we must install the equipment in the place specified by the safety precautions. During the installation process, all personnel entering the site must wear safety helmets, and the safety helmets used must meet the quality standards. Various signs must be clearly indicated and placed in a conspicuous position.