What is the combustion system of an asphalt mixing plant?
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What is the combustion system of an asphalt mixing plant?
Release Time:2024-07-08
Asphalt mixing plants are composed of many systems, each of which has different tasks. The combustion system is the key to the operation of the equipment and has a great impact on the operation and safety of the equipment. Nowadays, some foreign technologies often use gas combustion systems, but these systems are expensive and are not suitable for some companies.
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For China, the commonly used combustion systems can be divided into three different forms, namely coal-based, oil-based and gas-based. Then, as for the system, there are many main problems, mainly including that the ash contained in the coal powder is a non-combustible substance. Affected by the heating system of the asphalt mixing plant, most of the ash enters the asphalt mixture. Moreover, the ash is acidic, which will directly reduce the quality of the asphalt mixture, which cannot guarantee the service life of the asphalt product. At the same time, the coal powder burns slowly, so it is difficult to fully burn in a short time, resulting in relatively low fuel and energy utilization.
Not only that, if coal is used as fuel, the production accuracy that can be achieved for the traditional equipment used in the processing process is limited, which directly reduces the production accuracy of the mixture. Moreover, the combustion of coal powder in asphalt mixing plants requires a larger combustion chamber, and the refractory materials in the combustion chamber are vulnerable devices, which need to be regularly inspected and replaced, and the maintenance cost is relatively high.
Then, if gas is used as the raw material, a very high utilization rate can be achieved. This combustion system is relatively fast and can save a lot of time. However, the combustion system of asphalt mixing plants fueled by gas also has many shortcomings. It needs to be connected to the natural gas pipeline, which is not suitable for situations where it needs to be mobile or often needs to be relocated. Moreover, if the natural gas pipeline is far away, it will cost a lot of money to set up valves and lay pipelines and other auxiliary equipment.
Then, what about the combustion system that uses fuel oil as fuel? This system can not only save production costs, but also make it easier to control the oil temperature. The combustion system of asphalt mixing plants fueled by fuel oil has good economic benefits, and it can also obtain appropriate combustion capacity by controlling the amount of fuel oil.