Efficiency and energy consumption of bitumen decanter equipment
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Efficiency and energy consumption of bitumen decanter equipment
Release Time:2024-07-08
Abstract: Bitumen decanter equipment plays an important role in highway construction, but the traditional heating method has the problems of high energy consumption and low efficiency. This paper introduces a new type of bitumen melting equipment, which adopts electric heating technology and has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection and high efficiency. The working principle of the equipment is to heat the asphalt through the heat generated by the resistance wire, and then automatically adjust the temperature and flow through the control system to achieve the best melting effect.
Efficiency and energy consumption of bitumen decanter equipment_1Efficiency and energy consumption of bitumen decanter equipment_2
1. Combination of energy saving and environmental protection
Traditional bitumen melting plant mainly relies on coal or fuel oil for heating, which not only consumes a lot of energy, but also emits a lot of harmful substances, causing serious pollution to the environment. The new bitumen decanter equipment adopts electric heating technology, which has the following advantages:
1. Energy saving: Electric heating technology is more energy-saving than traditional combustion methods, which can greatly reduce energy consumption and reduce carbon emissions, which is beneficial to environmental protection.
2. The new bitumen decanter equipment adopts a control system that can realize temperature control and flow regulation, thereby ensuring the best melting effect.
3. Environmental protection: No harmful gases will be generated during the electric heating process, which avoids pollution to the environment and meets the requirements of modern green buildings.
2. Working principle of new bitumen decanter plants
The new bitumen decanter equipment mainly includes three parts: heating system, control system and conveying system.
1. Heating system: resistance wire is used as heating element to convert electrical energy into thermal energy for heating asphalt.
2. Control system: It is composed of PLC controller and sensor, which can automatically adjust the power of heating system and the flow of asphalt according to the set parameters, ensuring the stability and reliability of the melting process.
3. Conveying system: It is mainly used to transport the melted asphalt to the construction site, and the conveying speed and flow can be adjusted according to the actual needs of the site.
3. Conclusion
In general, the new bitumen melter equipment has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, and can not only meet the needs of highway construction, but also help protect the environment and meet the requirements of sustainable development. Therefore, this new bitumen decanter equipment should be vigorously promoted to improve the efficiency and quality of highway construction.