what is price of bag filter for asphalt mixing plant
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what is price of bag filter for asphalt mixing plant
Release Time:2023-08-08
1. Introduction
Asphalt mixing plant is important equipment for asphalt concrete mixtures, but during production process asphalt plants will produce a lot of dust pollution. In order to protect the environment and the employees' health, bag filter hasbecome a commonly used dust treatment equipment in asphalt mixing plants.
This article will discuss the price of bag filter for asphalt plant.

2. the working principle
The bag filter separates dust and gas, fixes the dust on the filter bag, and discharges the gas after purification.
Its working principle includes: after the gas enters the bag filter, the large particle dust is removed through the pretreatment equipment; then it enters the filter bag area, and when the gas passes through the filter bag, the dust is captured by the filter bag; finally, the dust cleaning system removes the dust on the filter bag Dust removal.
This working principle enables the bag filter to efficiently handle the dust generated in the asphalt mixing plant.
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3. Factors affecting the price of bag filter
(1). Equipment specification and size: The price of bag filter is related to its specification and size.
Generally, larger baghouses are more expensive because they require more bags and greater capacity.
(2). Material: The material of the bag filter has a certain influence on the price.
High-quality materials can improve the service life and filtration effect of the bag filter, but they will also increase the cost.
(3). Manufacturer: There may be some differences in the price of bag filter from different manufacturers.
High-quality manufacturers usually provide more reliable products and services, but also relatively high prices.

4. The reference range of bag filter price
According to market research and relevant data, we can make a general reference range for the price of bag filter.
Generally speaking, the price of a bag filter required for a small asphalt mixing plant is between 50,000 yuan and 100,000 yuan; the price of a bag filter required for a medium-sized asphalt mixing plant is between 100,000 yuan and 200,000 yuan; The price of the bag filter required by the station is between 200,000 yuan and 500,000 yuan.
The specific price will also be affected by the comprehensive influence of the aforementioned influencing factors.

5.the choice of bag filter price and performance
When purchasing a bag filter, price is not the only measure, and performance is also a very important consideration.
The performance of the bag filter includes filtration efficiency, processing capacity, and dust removal effect.
Users need to choose a suitable bag filter according to their own needs and actual conditions.
At the same time, users can also compare multiple manufacturers according to the actual situation to find products with higher cost performance.

6. The price trend of bag filter
With the advancement of technology and market competition, the price of bag filter tends to be stable.