What are the characteristics of colored asphalt concrete pavement?
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What are the characteristics of colored asphalt concrete pavement?
Release Time:2023-10-12
Colored asphalt, also known as colored cement, is a cement that imitates the components of petroleum asphalt and is modified by blending petroleum resin with SBS modifier and other chemical materials. This asphalt itself is not colored or colorless, but Dark brown, in recent years, it is collectively called colored asphalt due to market habits. At present, China's colored asphalt concrete pavements can be divided into two major types: the first type is formed by using transparent or translucent asphalt binder as a binder, and then adding inorganic pigments to the asphalt mixture; the second type is It is made of transparent or translucent cement. It is then formed by mixing natural colored mineral materials as aggregates. So what are the characteristics of colored asphalt concrete pavement?
Beautify the city, improve the road environment, and display the urban style. It is specifically used in pedestrian streets, landscape areas, squares, parks, roads and other places. It complements the surrounding green grass, trees, flowers, etc., thereby beautifying the environment and giving people a sense of style. Enjoy the beauty. It has the function of organizing and controlling traffic, and is specifically used to distinguish road sections and lanes with different functions to enhance the recognition effect of the road surface, the traffic capacity of the road and traffic safety. It has good road performance. Under the influence of different temperatures and external environments, its high-temperature stability, water damage resistance and durability are very good, and it does not appear degeneration, asphalt film peeling, etc., and has good milk bonding with the base layer. . The color is bright and long-lasting, does not fade, can withstand high temperatures of 77°C and low temperatures of -23°C, and is easy to maintain. With strong sound absorption function, car tires will not produce strong noise due to air compression when rolling at high speed on the road, and can also absorb other noise from the outside world. It has good elasticity and flexibility, good foot feel, suitable for walking by the elderly, and has good anti-slip performance in winter.