Features of Synchronized Gravel Seal Technology
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Features of Synchronized Gravel Seal Technology
Release Time:2024-01-30
Synchronized gravel sealing is to use special equipment, namely a synchronous gravel sealing truck and bonding materials (modified asphalt or modified emulsified asphalt) to be spread simultaneously on the road surface, and then formed into a single layer through natural traffic rolling or tire roller rolling. A layer of asphalt gravel wearing layer, which is mainly used as the surface layer of the road, and can also be used for the surface layer construction of low-grade highways.
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Synchronized gravel sealing concentrates the two processes of binder spraying and aggregate spreading on one vehicle, allowing the gravel particles to immediately come into contact with the newly sprayed binder. At this time, because hot asphalt or emulsified asphalt has better fluidity, it can be buried deeper into the binder at any time. The synchronous gravel sealing technology shortens the distance between binder spraying and aggregate spreading, increases the covering area of ??aggregate particles and binder, makes it easier to ensure a stable proportional relationship between them, and improves operating efficiency. It reduces equipment construction and reduces construction costs. After the asphalt pavement is treated with simultaneous gravel sealing, the pavement has excellent anti-skid and anti-water seepage properties. It can effectively cure road problems such as oil depletion, grain loss, fine cracks, rutting, and subsidence. It is mainly used for roads. preventive and corrective maintenance
The synchronous gravel sealing machine is a special equipment that synchronizes the spraying of asphalt binder and the spreading of stones, so that there is sufficient surface contact between the asphalt binder and aggregate to achieve the maximum adhesion between them.