Heating principle of drum bitumen melting equipment
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Heating principle of drum bitumen melting equipment
Release Time:2024-01-30
The heating principle of drum bitumen melting equipment is to heat, melt and drum bitumen melting through a heating plate. It is mainly composed of barrel removal box, lifting system, propeller and electrical control system.
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The drum bitumen melting box is divided into upper and lower chambers. The upper chamber is an bitumen melting chamber, which is densely covered with thermal oil heating coils or hot air heating pipes. The btumen is heated and melted and comes out of the barrel. The crane hook is installed on the gantry, and a bucket grab is hung. The bitumen bucket is lifted up by an electric winch, and then moved laterally to place the bitumen bucket on the guide rail. Then the propeller pushes the bucket into the upper chamber through the two guide rails, and at the same time, an empty bucket is ejected from the rear end outlet. There is an anti-drip oil tank at the entrance of the bitumen barrel. The bitumen enters the lower chamber of the box and continues to be heated until the temperature reaches about 100, which can be transported. Then it is pumped into the bitumen tank by the bitumen pump. The lower chamber can also be used as an bitumen heating tank.
Drum bitumen melting equipment has the characteristics of being not restricted by the construction environment, strong adaptability, and extremely low failure rate. If large production is required, multiple units can be assembled.