Types of units included in asphalt mixing machine
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Types of units included in asphalt mixing machine
Release Time:2024-01-31
Asphalt mixing machine does not refer to a specific type of equipment, but a general term for a type of equipment. As long as it involves asphalt mixing operations, it can be called asphalt mixing machine. So what specific units does it include?
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People are familiar with the vibrating screen, which uses dual motor vibration to ensure that the entire vibrating screen is evenly stressed, and has the advantages of large screening area, high efficiency, and thorough screening. The second is the extinguisher. This imported fully automatic low-noise extinguisher uses a hot oil insulation system, which can control the temperature of the material, improving efficiency while reducing production costs.
Dust is bound to be generated during the asphalt mixing process, so the dust collector is also one of the essential equipment. It uses an overall modular design and achieves high dust removal efficiency through two-stage dust removal. , only need to add the metering system to form a complete asphalt mixing equipment.