Heat Treatment Bitumen Melting Machine with High Power
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Heat Treatment Bitumen Melting Machine with High Power
Release Time:2023-10-11
With the rapid development of highway construction and the increase in the demand for bitumen, barreled bitumen has been widely used because of its long-distance transportation and convenient storage. In particular, most of the high-performance imported bitumen used on high-speed roads is in barreled form. This An bitumen melter plant that melts quickly, removes barrels cleanly, and prevents bitumen from aging is needed.

The bitumen melter plant equipment produced by our company mainly consists of barrel removal box, electric lift door, bitumen barrel loading trolley, trolley drive system, thermal oil heating system, thermal oil furnace exhaust gas heating system, bitumen pump and pipeline system, and electrical control system and other parts.
The box is divided into upper and lower chambers. The upper chamber is a barrel-removing and melting chamber for barreled bitumen. The thermal oil heating pipe at the bottom and the high-temperature flue gas from the thermal oil boiler jointly heat the bitumen barrels to achieve the purpose of barrel-removing bitumen. The lower chamber is mainly used to continue to heat the bitumen extracted from the barrel. After the temperature reaches the pumpable temperature (above 110°C), the asphalt pump can be started to pump out the bitumen. In the bitumen pipeline system, a filter is installed to automatically remove the slag inclusions in barreled bitumen.

The bitumen melter plant equipments are equipped with evenly distributed round hole bucket positions to facilitate the accurate positioning of each bucket when loading. The transmission system is responsible for loading and unloading heavy barrels filled with bitumen and empty barrels after cleaning into and out of the upper chamber of the box. The working process of the equipment is completed by centralized operation in the electrical control cabinet, and is equipped with necessary monitoring instruments and safety control devices.