How to maintain emulsion bitumen equipments effectively?
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How to maintain emulsion bitumen equipments effectively?
Release Time:2024-01-29
Roll in a layer of caulk. After sweeping the caulking material evenly, immediately use an 8~12t small press to roll it, stack the wheel traces about 1/2 up and down, and roll it 4~6 times until it is stable. When rolling, press and sweep to make the caulking material evenly placed. If a big change occurs during the rolling process, the rolling should be stopped immediately, and the rolling should be continued after the moisturizing lotion is further demulsified.
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According to the method described, spray two layers of emulsion bitumen equipments, spread the second layer of joint filling material, and spray three layers of emulsion bitumen equipment after rolling. Spread the through-layer material according to the method of spreading caulking material. final pressure. A 6~8t vibratory roller should be used for post-rolling, rolling 2~4 times, and then open for transportation.
Early maintenance. When paving the upper and lower layers of the ground, do not spread the through-layer material on the surface of the penetration layer. The mixing layer will be paved after the emulsion bitumen machine breaks the emulsion and the water evaporates to form a stable form. The mixing layer and penetration part cannot be constructed continuously.
When the construction vehicle needs to be driven for a short period of time, the amount of secondary caulking material that penetrates into the layer should be 2~3M3/1000㎡. Before paving the mixed layer asphalt concrete, the dirt, dust and floating sand and gravel on the surface of the layer should be removed, filled and rolled, and sprayed with adhesive layer asphalt.