What should be done when bitumen tanks are removed?
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What should be done when bitumen tanks are removed?
Release Time:2024-01-26
When using bitumen tanks, they have intelligent systems to increase efficiency, with less investment, less electricity consumption, low costs, high thermal efficiency, and rapid heating, which can ensure the temperature required for construction in a short period of time, which also saves customers a lot of money intermittently. With the allocation of funds, bitumen tank mechanical equipment has few spare parts, the operation process is simple, and the movement is convenient and fast, it can be operated by a single person to make a set of expensive electric heating devices. The following is a detailed explanation of related bitumen tank removal:
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First of all, when cleaning the bitumen tank, use a temperature of about 150 degrees to loosen the bitumen and flow it out. The remaining part can be removed with automotive gasoline or gasoline. When bitumen tanks are cleaned, diesel engines are generally used. If there is a certain thickness, they can be removed first according to physical methods, and then cleaned with diesel engines. Start the ventilation system when performing liposuction in underground buildings to ensure ventilation in the working environment.
Secondly, it is easy to cause natural gas poisoning accidents during the period of cleaning the waste at the bottom of the tank. Try to take protective measures to prevent poisoning. In addition, it is necessary to check the cooling status of the ventilation plant and start the fan for ventilation.
Bitumen tanks in caverns and semi-basement bitumen tanks should be constantly ventilated. When air circulation is stopped, the upper branch pipe of the bitumen tank should be sealed as much as possible. The inspector's protective clothing and respiratory mask meet the requirements; check whether the commonly used tools and equipment meet the explosion-proof requirements, and enter the bitumen tank to remove waste after passing the test.
This is the main problem when cleaning bitumen tanks. We must carry out the operation process reasonably so that its characteristics can be fully displayed.