Hardware failures and efficiency of asphalt mixing plants
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Hardware failures and efficiency of asphalt mixing plants
Release Time:2023-11-22
Certain failures cannot be avoided during the use of the asphalt mixing plant. For example, a malfunction of the cold material feeding device may cause the asphalt mixing plant to shut down. This may be due to a malfunction in the asphalt mixing plant or due to gravel or foreign matter being trapped under the cold material belt. If it is stuck, if it is a circuit failure, first check whether the motor control inverter of the asphalt mixing station is faulty and whether the line is connected or open.
It is also possible that the belt is slipping and deviating, making it difficult to operate. If so, the belt tension should be readjusted. If it is stuck, someone should be sent to clear the obstruction to ensure that the belt is running and feeding good materials. If the mixer in the asphalt mixing station malfunctions and the sound is abnormal, it may be because the mixer is instantly overloaded, causing the fixed support of the drive motor to be dislocated, or the fixed bearing is damaged, and the bearing needs to be reset, fixed or replaced.
The mixer arms, blades or internal guard plates are seriously worn or fallen off and need to be replaced, otherwise uneven mixing will occur. If the mixer discharge temperature shows abnormality, the temperature sensor should be cleaned and the cleaning device should be checked to see if it is working properly. The sensor of the asphalt mixing station is faulty and the feeding of each silo is not accurate. It may be that the sensor is faulty and should be checked and replaced. Or the scale rod is stuck, foreign matter should be removed.
The production efficiency of the asphalt mixing plant determines the progress of the entire project. The quality of mixing is also related to the quality of the project. In order to ensure the mixing quality and mixing efficiency, an excavator can be used to tip over to balance the moisture content of the raw materials. Since the moisture content of black ash and white ash is determined by many uncertain factors, especially white ash, the digestion quality, its own quality, and whether it is screened all affect the use efficiency of white ash.
Therefore, before use, it is necessary to ensure the appropriate construction moisture content of the white ash and to grasp the appropriate stacking time. After opening the stack, if it is too wet, you can use an excavator to turn it over several times until it reaches the appropriate moisture content, which not only ensures construction efficiency but also ensures the amount of ash.