What are the classifications of emulison bitumen machine
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What are the classifications of emulison bitumen machine
Release Time:2024-01-26
Classification analysis of emulison bitumen machine is used to heat-melt bitumen. According to the actual cutting effect of mechanical equipment, it is loosened into a solution with demulsifier in the form of tiny droplets to form oil-in-water bitumen. Industrial equipment for lotions. Emulison bitumen machine can be divided into three types: portable, transportable and mobile according to the equipment, layout and maneuverability of the equipment.
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The portable emulison bitumen machine fixes the demulsifier blending equipment, black anti-static tweezers, bitumen pump, automatic control system, etc. on a special support chassis. Because the production location can be transported anytime and anywhere, it is suitable for the production of emulison bitumen machines at construction sites with loose projects, small usage, and constant movement.
The transportable emulison bitumen machines are to install each main assembly in one or more standard containers, load and transport them separately, and transport them to the construction site. With the help of small cranes, the equipment can be quickly installed to form a working environment. Produce different weapons and equipment of large, medium and small sizes.