Analysis on the types of modified asphalt storage tanks used
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Analysis on the types of modified asphalt storage tanks used
Release Time:2024-05-20
Modified asphalt (composition: asphaltene and resin) The equipment is divided into two types: open system and closed system according to the different states of emulsified asphalt and emulsifier aqueous solution when they enter the emulsifier: the characteristic of the open system is to use valves to control the flow , emulsified asphalt and emulsifier flow into the feed funnel of the emulsifier by their own weight.
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Its advantage is that it is relatively intuitive and the equipment combination is simple. The disadvantage is that it is easy to mix air, generate bubbles, and the output of the emulsifier is significantly reduced; it is mainly used for the production of simple ordinary emulsified asphalt and homemade simple production equipment. The selection of asphalt storage tanks must meet the demand for continuous production of asphalt concrete mixing equipment, and must also prevent excessive investment, resulting in waste and increased costs. It should be reasonably determined based on the asphalt consumption and ground volume.
Modified asphalt equipment can be divided into two types: batch operation and continuous operation according to the different technological processes of modified asphalt equipment. The asphalt storage tank is another new type of asphalt heating storage equipment developed by separating the characteristics of the traditional thermal oil heated asphalt storage tank and the internal heat part of the rapid asphalt heating tank.
The characteristic of batch operation is the blending of emulsifier and water. The emulsifier soap is prepared in a container in advance, and then pumped into the emulsifier. After one tank of emulsifier aqueous solution is used up, the next tank is stopped. The soap liquid is blended; the soap liquid preparation of the two soap liquid tanks is carried out alternately and in batches; it is mainly used for mobile medium and small emulsified asphalt production equipment.
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