Detailed introduction to emulsified asphalt heating tank
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Detailed introduction to emulsified asphalt heating tank
Release Time:2024-05-20
In use, the emulsified asphalt heating tank is intelligent and efficient, has low investment, low power consumption, low cost, high thermal efficiency, and fast heating, and can reach the temperature required for construction in a short time, which also indirectly saves users a lot of time. It requires less manpower and material resources, and the emulsified asphalt heating tank has fewer accessories, is simple to operate, and is easy to move. It can be operated by one person with a single set of heaters.
Regarding the cleaning of the emulsified asphalt heating tank, here are some details. First, when cleaning the emulsified asphalt (composition: asphaltene and resin) heating tank, first use a temperature of about 150 degrees to soften the emulsified asphalt and flow it out. The remaining parts on the wall can be kerosene, Cleaning of gasoline and benzene chemical reagents.
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The emulsified asphalt unit is another new type of asphalt heating storage equipment developed by separating the characteristics of the traditional thermal oil heated asphalt storage tank and the internal heat part of the rapid asphalt heating tank. Diesel oil is generally used when cleaning emulsified asphalt heating tanks. If there is a certain thickness, it can be cleaned through physical methods first, and then washed with diesel oil. The ventilation system is started when the cavern is sucking out base oil to ensure ventilation in the workplace.
Secondly, oil and gas poisoning accidents are very likely to occur during the removal of dirt at the bottom of the tank, and protective measures must be taken to avoid poisoning. The automatic cycle program of the asphalt heating equipment allows the asphalt to automatically enter the heater, dust collector, induced draft fan, asphalt pump, asphalt temperature indicator, water level indicator, steam generator, pipeline and asphalt pump preheating system, and pressure relief system on demand It consists of a steam combustion-supporting system, a tank cleaning system, and an installation for unloading oil into the tank. Everything is installed on (inside) the tank to form a compact integrated structure.