How to run a thermal oil asphalt tank effectively?
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How to run a thermal oil asphalt tank effectively?
Release Time:2023-11-15
After the asphalt tank installation equipment is in place, check whether the connections are firm and tight, whether the running parts are flexible, whether the pipelines are smooth, and whether the power supply wiring is appropriate. When loading asphalt for the first time, the automatic exhaust valve must be opened to allow the asphalt to enter the electric heater smoothly. Before ignition, the water tank should be filled with oil and water, the valve should be opened to make the water
level in the gas steam boiler reach a certain height, and the valve should be closed. When the asphalt tank is operating, pay attention to the water level and adjust the gate valve to keep the water level at an appropriate position. If there is water in the asphalt, open the can and pound it into the hole when the temperature is 100 degrees, and run the car's interior cycle to dehydrate it. After dehydration is completed, pay attention to the indication on the temperature gauge of the asphalt tank,
and immediately pump out the high-temperature asphalt. If the temperature is too high without indicating, please quickly run the internal circulation cooling of the vehicle.
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What is the operation process of thermal oil asphalt tank?
The thermal oil asphalt tank has a high level of automation technology and can be switched between manual and fully automatic modes at will. Set the necessary high and low temperatures, the burner will automatically start or stop, and set up a temperature over-limit alarm; the asphalt tank mixing motor can run only after the temperature is set, preventing the motor from being ablated if the asphalt temperature is too low. The thermal oil asphalt tank adopts a separate heating cycle. The electric
heater thermal oil and the temperature sensor detect the heating temperature of the thermal oil and control the start and stop of the circulating water pump to automatically stop the heating temperature and start the asphalt pump motor.

The temperature in the asphalt tank can be adjusted to the temperature of the underwater concrete, and the underwater concrete is transported to the next process; a three-way plug valve is set up at the inlet and outlet of the asphalt pump, which can be converted to internal circulation in the vehicle, so that the asphalt in the tank can be evenly heated, improving work efficiency. . Set the stirring temperature and the stirring motor is locked and eliminated. The mixing device is equipped with three layers of mixing fins, which can mix the asphalt at the bottom of the tank, reduce sedimentation, and achieve optimal mixing results.