The automatic intelligent asphalt distributor
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The automatic intelligent asphalt distributor
Release Time:2019-02-12
The automatic intelligent asphalt distributor aslo called bitumen sprayer truck is a high-tech product professionally spraying emulsified asphalt, cutback asphalt, hot asphalt and modified asphalt, which is mainly used for construction and maintenance projects of highway, all grades of roads and municipal roads, suitable distributing construction of prime coat, bonding layer, upper and lower sealing layers of different grades of road surface.

The automatic intelligent asphalt distributor can be asphalt heating, spraying and cleaning all work without power supply, suitable for production in remote areas.
intelligent asphalt distributor
Fuel heat pipe heating asphalt,Faster heating,It integrates asphalt storage, heating, spreading and transportation.Asphalt pumps, valves, pipes are automatically heated and insulated.High-pressure air is purged and no asphalt remains in the pipeline.
Thermostat clearing function:Automatic clutch,multi-gear control.

automatic asphalt distributor features:
1.Heating function: diesel fuel heating asphalt
2.Spray function: single shot with single shot or automatic spray.
3.Filling function: replacing the asphalt nozzle with a sprue nozzle, and performing asphalt filling on the crack asphalt pavement.
4.It can spray matrix asphalt as well as emulsified asphalt, water and other media.
5.Low price, simple and practical
6.Walking mode is traction type, vehicle type.