BD-series drummed bitumen decanter machine
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BD-series drummed bitumen decanter machine
Release Time:2019-02-05
With the rapid development of highway construction, Increase in demand for bitumen, bitumen drum or bitumen barrel is the most popular bitumen packing due to safety and convenience.

Barreled bitumen for easy transportation, Easy to store and other features are widely used. In particular, the high-performance imported bitumen used in high-grade roads is mostly in the form of barrels. This requires melting fast, Take off the barrel, bitumen decanter machine capable of preventing bitumen aging.
drummed bitumen decanter machine

The BD-series type drummed bitumen decanter machine  developed by our company is a self-heating integrated structure. Using a diesel burner as a heat source, De-barreling bitumen by hot air and heat transfer oil heating plate, melting, heating, The device can guarantee the quality of bitumen heating, 
High thermal efficiency, Bitumen extraction speed is fast, It has the characteristics of high thermal efficiency, fast bitumen removal speed, low labor intensity, no pollution, low equipment cost, small occupied space and convenient transportation. Asphalt bitumen melting machine mainly consists of un-barrel box, lifting mechanism,  hydraulic propeller, tumbling tank,  diesel burner, built-in combustion chamber, flue heating system,  heat transfer oil heating system, bitumen pump and piping system, automatic temperature control. System, liquid level automatic control system, electrical control system, etc. All components are mounted on the body of the barrel removal device to form a unitary structure.

The self-heating integrated structure, hot-air de-bubble melting and bitumen barrel turning technology in the bitumen de-barreling equipment are the latest patented technologies of our company. The self-heating integrated mechanism perfectly combines the heat-conducting oil furnace used in the old equipment with the body of the asphalt de-barreling equipment. The overall equipment volume is reduced, the equipment investment is greatly reduced, and the space occupied by the equipment and the transportation cost of the transition are saved. The combustion chamber is placed inside the device body, which greatly reduces heat loss and improves heat utilization.