three types of the bitumen emulsion plant
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three types of the bitumen emulsion plant
Release Time:2019-02-20
The bitumen emulsion plant refers to heat-melt the sludge and disperse the sludge in the form of fine particles in water to form an emulsion. Bitumen emulsion plant has three types: Batch-type,  type, semi-continuous and continuous. 

Batch-type bitumen emulsion plant: during production, emulsifiers, acids , water, and latex modifiers are mixed in brine clamping tanks, and then used to transport the slurry to the colloid mill. After the first tank liquid is used up, the liquid inclusion is re-prepared, and then the production of the next tank is carried out. When used in the production of modified emulsified bruises, depending on the transformation process, the latex tube can be connected either before or after the colloid mill, or there is no special glue pipeline, and the specified dose of adhesive is added manually. into the boiling liquid tank.
bitumen emulsion plant types
Semi-continuous bitumen emulsion plant, in fact, the intermittent emulsified mud equipment is equipped with pomegranate liquid extrusion and matching tanks, so that it can be replaced by extruding and soap liquid, ensuring that the liquid is sent to the colloid m ill without interruption . Before the target, a corresponding number of emulsified bruise production equipment in China belonged to this type.

Continuous bitumen emulsion plant, the emulsifier, water, acid, latex modifier, sludge, etc. are directly pumped to the colloid mill by flow meters.